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The Only Quality Choice "Lefas Brands"

Lefas BrandsTM Extra Virgin Olive Oil is also available for private label. We can help you bottle and label a private brand for a deli, restaurant or retail store. this makes it your very own high quality signature oil. We do large quantity bottling for supermarket chains and for export. Considerations when deciding on a private label oil:

1. Picking the oil - You must be certain as to the oil you select. The Lefas Brand is among one of the best selection you can make. We can arrange a special tasting at your site to help you decide

2. Choosing the bottle - There are many sizes, colors, and styles to choose from. We can provide you with unique choices and assist in developing the brand.

3. Designing the label - Design your own or let us do it for a nominal fee. We can deliver the bottles with or without labels.

Contact us to learn how you can have your very own signature brand of extra virgin olive oil. Click here to obtain additional information or call us at 514-731-2100 to speak to one of our olive oil consultants.

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