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The Only Quality Choice "Lefas Brands"

Lefas BrandsTM Extra Virgin Olive Oil is one of the finest olive oils from Greece. While most consumers know olive oil, those who know fine olive oil would never buy just any oil.

Like fine wine, each variety of olive is unique, and therefore olive oil made from different varieties of olives tastes, smells, and looks different. Olvil utilizes only the finest koroneiki olives from southern provinces of Peloponese- Greece. To be of extra virgin quality an oil must come from the first cold press and be less than 1% acidity. The Lefas Brand Extra Virgin Oil is from the first cold press and exceeds the acidity criteria by never exceeding 0.5% acidity. We take care to select the very best olives from the selected varieties in a way that makes the Lefas Brand oil worthy of tasting.

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Olvil provides it clients with a variety of Lefas Brand Olive oil products in a wide selection of sizes. Select from the menu below to learn more about our olive oil selection.

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