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The southern provinces of the Peleponses (Ilia, Laconia, Messina) have been producing the finest olive oil in the world since the beginning of history.

Grigoris Lefas proudly continues the family tradition of selecting and producing the finest Olive Oil in the region for over 150 years.

Grigoris Lefas' commitment is to bring you the highest quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil with an acidity less than 0.5% derived from the 1st cold press of the Koroneiki variety olives widely known as the Kalamata olives. The superb olive oil is not blended with any other variety. Using Lefas Extra Virgin Olive Oil will make your every dish unforgettably delicious.

The finest olive oil is a combination of experience and wisdom to select the perfect crop. Lefas oil is the perfect blend of these qualities creating the premium Lefas olive oil.

With business interests in both Europe and North America, Olvil Corporation prides itself on the strong reputation it has built in the olive oil community. A reputation based on versatility and diversity of services. As your extra virgin olive oil supplier since 1872 (130 years), we are committed to providing you the fastest and most efficient level of service.

The production of Lefas Extra Virgin Olive Oil always exceeds the strict regulations regarding all aspects of olive oil production, as set down by the EEC (European Economic Community). Lefas Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced utilizing the age-old traditional method of cold pressing, using no heat or chemicals. Prior to buying, Olvil's qualified experts (certified for panel testing) test and analyze the oil. Olvil's laboratory combines modern technology with over 100 years experience in olive oil. The oil has to pass Olvil's stringent specifications and the discriminating taste buds of our experts before it is bottled.

Lefas Extra Virgin Olive Oil contains 100% natural olive juice, containing no additives or mixtures of other varieties of olive oil in trying to improve or alter its taste, nutritional value or acidity level in anyway. The acidity level is guaranteed to be under 0.5% and in most cases is lower than 0.3%.

The oil is then processed and filtered using the latest technological advantages. Stainless steel filtration units remove sediment without affecting the taste, nutritional value or color. Olvil has the facilities and equipment to package your oil in a variety of formats, from 250 ml to 50 gallon drums, either in tin, glass or plastic. We also have a graphics studio in-house, so that we can offer our clients personalized private labels.

Our Objective:
We are committed to bringing you the highest quality extra virgin olive oil, consistent in taste and quality. It will make every dish unforgettably delicious and nutritious.

If you have any questions or comments regarding our products, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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